A monograph of the art I have produced over a number of years.

Visual Arts

Intro—"Painting and drawing have always been a natural occupation for me. It’s only recently that I find my artistic inclination turning slowly towards an illustration of the landscapes around me. Prior to this, my focus had always been on the body—trying to capture the slopes and curves, points and tension, and alluring stories the body can tell. Drawing has always been my foundation. It’s the first step for any creative project. Realizing my affection for the composition of the page, and the satisfaction that comes with making a mark led me very precisely to an education in design. As such, I still associate myself strongly with fine art, and acknowledge it to be an integral quality in my life. This book is a recognition of that importance, and a little celebration of the evolution of the work, beginning with a figurative piece I did when I first began to paint, and ending with two landscapes that mark my interests and ability at the point in time that this book was put together."

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